Monday, July 14, 2008

The Miracle of Reskeining

When I got up this morning, I immediately twisted my newly-dyed and now dry yarn into hanks, and I wasn't pleased with the colors at all. I had two of these, which to me looked a washed out, pukey-burgundy and light electric blue:

However, I've read over and over that reskeining (rewinding the yarn into a new hank) works wonders, so I did my best to withhold judgment. I sat down with my new lap swift (a 2"x4" with nails exactly 36" apart) and began winding. Sure enough, after thirty minutes, I had this:

Now, that's more like it! The colors are pretty close to the photo - maybe only slightly less washed-out in person. I'm actually happy with this. Not thrilled, mind you, but definitely happy for my first attempt. I will be dyeing more yarn in the future - count on it!

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