Monday, June 23, 2008

The Messenger Bag Comes Together

Last night, I finished the last piece of the messenger bag for Swis and stitched the three pieces together. Voila!

This is just the shell. Next, it will be lined with plastic canvas (for structure) and then black fabric (for lining!), and I have magnetic closures for it as well. I'm pretty darn thrilled with it, except for the strap length, but I've complained enough about that off-blog that I won't bore you with it! Suffice to say that it's a fair bit shorter than was intended...

Here's a photo for scale. I will NOT complain about how I look in it. ;-)

1 comment:

Nate's Mom said...

Aimee ~ You look beautiful, and so does the bag! I'm continuously amazed by your ability to just create these cool things.