Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little structure is always a good thing

Behold the canvas lining for the messenger bag:

I wish I could say this was my brilliant idea, but nope, I've seen several other people use it in their bags, and I think it's great. The canvas will not show; the black lining will cover it completely. I've been waiting to get to this point before dragging my sewing machine out of the closet. On the take-up-the-kitchen-table-for-a-few-days list are:
  • Line this bag (woo hoo!)
  • Repair torn pocket in Jason's dress pants
  • Cut off and make shorts out of all the boys' holey-kneed jeans from last winter (Poor Nicky in his old shorts and long legs! He's long overdue for these cut-offs.)
  • Sew about eleventy thousand (more or less) stars to Nicky's karate uniform jacket

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anonymyarse said...

this looks fantastic!